Can I Straighten my Teeth Without Braces?

If you are reading this post, you probably didn’t win the “perfect teeth” lottery. You don’t have to feel bad though. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people undergo some form of treatment to correct dental issues. In many cases, it would be a correction of teeth alignment including gaps and improperly placed teeth. While […]

Shield Negative Ion Jewelry And Health

Negative Ion Bracelet We all know how the jewelry looks but have you ever heard about negative ion jewelry? It is not as sparkly and precious as the regular ones you might know, and it also poses some physical properties. And don’t worry, as it has nothing to do with witchcraft. Negative ions exist in […]

How Tava Slimming Tea Can Enable you to To Lose Weight

Looking for a cup of tea or coffee having a difference? Tava Tea just isn’t only a refreshing and soothing beverage but also a very efficient fat loss aid. Picture relaxing having a cup of tea whilst shedding the pounds; sounds too excellent to be true does not it? It is No Myth Tava Tea […]

2 Misunderstandings in Weight Loss

There are many misunderstandings in weight loss, which make many people failed in their slimming plan, below tells you two of them. A kind of diet food can lose weight? Some people think that eating only vegetables or fruits every day can reduce energy intake, in fact, because the energy and nutrient intake is too […]

Recipe figs and cheese tart passion fruit

Bruno Oteiza prepares a cake based pastry, homemade fig jam, cheese with passion fruit and some nuts and fresh figs. Ingredients (4-6): 1 wafer pastry 20 figs 200g mascarpone cheese 1 passion fruit 100 g of walnuts 2 tablespoons sugar Thyme leaves for garnish For the fig jam: 1 kg of figs 250 g sugar […]

How to Drop Ten Pounds in One Week

We’ve all been through a countless number of gimmick diets that don’t really work or leave you feeling incredibly hungry. The problem is almost always that you are required to count your calories, but they always leave out the types of calories you should be eating and the things you should be eliminating altogether. Unless […]