Green Smoothie Fast

Green Smoothie Fast

The green smoothie fast is a great way to cleanse your body and to do a detoxification. If you want to lose weight, this is something you should definitely do before going on a diet. The first step for losing wait is to first detoxify your body. Toxins are stored in fat cells and are really hard to get rid of.

That’s why you should try our green smoothie fast, because it’s the best way to get rid of the toxins accumulated in your body. Raw greens can help you heal and detoxify your body. And not to mention, your organism will het only healthy food. The green smoothie fast consists of three smoothies, snacks, water and tea for ten days.

Foods to eat during your green smoothie fast:

All ingredients must be used in their raw form. Only use green leafy veggies, fruits and water in your green smoothies during the 10 day fast.

Mainly use dark green leafy vegetables such as: arugula, beet greens, carrot top leaves, , kale, lettuce , parsley, radish tops, spinach, turnip greens, watercress etc.

Your green smoothies should contain at least 40% greens as a source of proteins. If you feel you need extra energy you can add some protein powder in your smoothie.

You can add fruits. They will make the green smoothie tastier. Add fruits such as: apples, bananas, blueberries, mango, berries, peaches, seedless grapes, pineapple. If you have diabetes use fruits that are low in sugar such as: apples, lemons, limes, cherries, berries, goji berries, and blueberries. Don’t put too many fruits, your main ingredient should be veggies.

You can also add flax seed, maca or acai berries in your green smoothie.

-Use organic ingredients and make sure you wash your fruits and veggies thoroughly before putting them in the blender.


  • Drink 60 ounces of green smoothie every day
  • Drink 3 green smoothies per day
  • Don’t use juices, always use smoothies because they contain whole foods with fibers
  • If you feel hungry during the day you can snack apples, celery, carrots, cucumbers.
  • You can use unsweetened peanut butter, boiled eggs, and raw nuts and seeds as a snack

Your daily routine:

  • Start your morning with a glass of water
  • Drink a cup of detox tea
  • The first 2 days, you’ll be feeling really hungry. Keep snacks close to you for when you’re feeling hungry. After the second day your body will adjust to less food.
  • Start with 30% greens and 70% fruit in your green smoothie during the first 2 days. Work your way up to more greens and less fruit in the next days
  • Drink a lot of water and herbal teas during the day to keep your body hydrated