Fight Fat – The Fun Way

Fight Fat – The Fun Way

Weight loss – a hell of salads, exercise and dodgy dieting techniques.

Essentially, it’s like all the joys of life are staring at you from the other side of a chasm, and all you’ve got on your side is Dr Atkins muttering in your ear about carbs.

However, not all weight loss is an exercise in masochism. If you’re staring at the scales and steeling yourself for a few months of inch-loss lousiness, don’t – follow some of these tips and you’ll shed the pounds without the misery.

Potions and lotions

You’ve probably heard the phrase, once on the lips, a lifetime on the hips – but your hips should be the least of your worries.

Your face is usually the part of your body that will carry the brunt of your committed consumption of cupcakes and chocolate. But, even if you are still guzzling choccies with the best of them, a few special creams can help you get rid of double chin.

Use them every day and you’ll have firmer skin that will automatically give the illusion of weight loss.

Love what you eat

Salads and Weight Watchers milkshakes might not be up your alley, but they aren’t your only dieting option.

Learning how to cook will allow you to combine a rich range of super foods together and concoct meals with zest and precision. Combine veggie favourites with beets and spices for foodstuffs with more flavour than a feast in a Balti curry house.

Cut out red meat, processed junk and saturated fats and replace them with healthy, but tasty, meals. You’ll be down a few kilograms and won’t even miss your former diet.

Exercise – without the effort

You probably associate exercise with sweaty workouts at the gym, side-splitting jogging sessions and your beetroot-red face making you look like a bit of an idiot on the treadmill.

But, in what might seem like a revelation to some, exercise can be fun. If you’re into music, why not consider taking up salsa or break dancing once a week? Or, if you fancy a less sociable activity, simply go for a wander through the countryside every now and again.

Those uber-sweaty gym junkies in their ridiculous tight Lycra are all a bit too intense to hang out with. Instead of conforming to their gruelling idea of fitness, inject your personality into your regimen.