2 Misunderstandings in Weight Loss

2 Misunderstandings in Weight Loss

There are many misunderstandings in weight loss, which make many people failed in their slimming plan, below tells you two of them.

A kind of diet food can lose weight?

Some people think that eating only vegetables or fruits every day can reduce energy intake, in fact, because the energy and nutrient intake is too little, the metabolism will be reduced too, meantime, it will also cause the body nutritional imbalance and damage the health.

The right approach: control diet at proper quantity instead of “kind”, take balanced diet, especially when you are taking meizitang diet pills for fast weight loss.

Milk is not good for weight loss?

In addition to containing some fat, the more important part of milk is it is rich in calcium and high quality protein, and from the perspective of fat, the milk is divided into: whole milk, low-fat milk (per 100 g contains about 1.9 grams of fat) and skim milk (per 100 g contains about 0.4 grams of fat). So you can choose low-fat milk or skim milk when reducing weight. For people who don’t like milk, yogurt is a good choice, of course it is better to choose low-fat or nonfat sugar-free yogurt.

2 Misunderstandings in Weight Loss

Don’t take milk like water only considering its nutritional value but ignoring the fat and calories it contained, and if you drink 500 ml of unsweetened fresh milk, you have taken nearly 300 kilo calories, which equal to eating 150 grams of lean meat, you have to walk at least three hours to consume this amount of energy, therefore, it’s generally recommended to drink about 200 ml per day, remember don’t take it when your stomach is empty.