Butiyoga, the female yoga

Butiyoga, the female yoga

The butiyoga is a perfect training program for women to lose weight and sculpt the figure, which combines hatha yoga asanas with tribal dances and movements of plyometrics.

Lose weight and body volume, tone muscles, build strength and flexibility and also having fun, making it a more sensual movements. What more can you ask of a physical activity?

Well that’s what they get women who practice butiyoga, a program of training that combines asanas own hatha yoga with dance and plyometrics, and which they say helps reduce up to two sizes with only a month of training.

In 2010, the US Bizzie Gold developed based on activating and controlling each abdominal muscle program, which included intense tribal dances and plyometrics, in order to restructure the abdominal wall, eliminate body fat, and sculpt a definite figure and slender: thus he was born the butiyoga, ideal for women who want to enjoy the training yoga , but do not have enough time to devote to this activity if you also want to go to the gym regularly, and it has become fashionable among many’ celebrities’ such as Julia Roberts and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Working muscles core

Gold bizzie developed based on activating and controlling each muscle of the abdomen, program that included tribal dances and plyometrics, to restructure the abdominal wall, eliminate body fat, and sculpt the figure

The butiyoga taught to work the muscles of the core, the core of the body (abdominal-dorsal-lumbar fascia) using a multidimensional approach that includes both the muscles responsible for body movement, such as those used to stabilize the body. While some traditional exercises focus on developing only the abdominal muscles, with butiyoga strengthens and tones the dorsal and lumbar musculature.

The best exercise, say the experts, is not bored or exhausted too, because that is easier to maintain long term. In butiyoga classes, lasting 60 to 90 minutes cardiovascular training combined with toning and stretching, merging movements inspired by Miami Booty Dance, Brazilian Baile Funk , or African tribal dances, with their own Hatha yoga postures and exercises plyometric that, says Bizzie Gold, helped her get back into shape after the birth of her daughter.

In the United States there are many centers where classes are taught discipline, but online classes and DVDs with different training plans on the website of its creator, because exercises can be performed at home, another of its great advantages. In addition, dietary programs include proposals to improve eating habits and facilitate weight loss users.