E-Cigarette Sales Are On The Rise

“Perspective is everything.” – Rory Sutherland

Electronic cigarettes are also called “electronic nicotine delivery systems” (ENDS) or “personal vaporizers” (PV). E-cig sales are growing day by day. Especially teenagers have started using them more than ever over the past 5 years.

According to some research in the field, the use of this electronic device has increased over 10 times from 2011 – 2014. As tobacco reduction campaigners state, the public should recognize that e-cigs do not produce such dangerous chemicals as tar and arsenic, though they contain nicotine like tobacco cigarettes.

Latest News On E-Cigarettes

Increasingly, e-cigarette use is becoming more and more common. Today, most e-cigarette devices are being produced in China. These battery-powered vaporizers produce effects similar to tobacco smoking. What they produce is known as vapor.

According to Public Health England or PHE, e-cigarettes cause about 95 percent less harm to the smoker’s health than tobacco cigarettes. One day, they could alternatively be distributed as a licensed medicine to anti-smoking products like nicotine patches. The latter is a self-adhesive patch that is made to release a slow amount of nicotine into smokers’ body through their skin.

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E-Cigarette Marketing And Credit Card Processing

In 2014, e-cigarette sales worldwide jumped to $7 billion. Based on research at the University of Southern California, e-cigarette use is gaining more popularity among teenagers who have never smoked tobacco.

Analyst Bonnie Herzog, from Wells Fargo, believes the normal cigarette market will be overtaken by the e-cig market by 2024. According to Bloomberg, this will happen by 2047.

Recently, Electronic Cigarettes International Group, Ltd., located at 1707 Cole Blvd. in Golden, has received additional $18 million investment from one of its long-term investors. ECIG was founded in 2010 as Victory Electronic Cigarettes Corp.

The company is sure about the success of the product in future and is confident in the new Electronic Cigarettes management team. According to the CEO, Dan O’Neill, the investment will enable the company to get the necessary property, goods and marketing support to meet the growing demand in 2016.

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