Bosu: the hemisphere that puts you in shape

Bosu the hemisphere that puts you in shape

One of the most complete training that currently exist is the Bosu, a hemisphere latex which boost your balance, increase your strength and endurance and improve your posture. Find out.

Also known as Bosu Balance Trainer or Bosu Conditioning, this method was designed in 1999 by David Weck and today is one of the most practiced fitness techniques.

Your name, English Both Side Up, is that, when exercising, this semi sphere 65 cm in diameter can be used on both sides. That is, by its concave part and the flat, which is slip resistant. They are usually made of latex and are able to bear the weight of people up to 140 kg.

The success and the key to this exercise lie in the balance, and that in conducting training on an unstable base, got part of our muscle tone, mainly in the abdominal area. Therefore it can be used both in cardiovascular workouts, Pilates, yoga and even for rehabilitation from injuries.

Objectives Bosu

Bosu practice aims three basic objectives:

Postural control: we start from the perception of one’s position and work to get improvements in our body balance and the balance of the muscles, preventing ailments arising from the adoption of incorrect postures.

Cardiovascular improvement: these exercises promote weight loss. Through aerobic activities we increase the strength of our muscles and our resistance. 

Enhance balance: as in the case of postural control, improve muscle balance of our body and get all the muscle groups work in a balanced way.

When do our training, and in terms of our physical capacity and improvements we want to achieve, we will decide which of the three goals is that we will work during the session.