Running and have good muscle mass, it is possible

Running and have good muscle mass, it is possible

I’m passionate about and I enjoy running with weights. Can I gain muscle and keep running at a high level? Or do I have a decanter me? I am convinced that many of you do the same questions.

After several years, I keep hearing and reading many blogs that is not compatible to both sports at a high level. The lovers running often say they do a lot of weight with high load increases muscle mass and body weight and changes the cell structure, lowering the yield.

Instead, the fitness freaks comment that run in excess harms them because they burn too much muscle. These theories are true, but not mean we can not maintain a balance to enjoy both. Here you have the keys to have good muscle mass and be a good runner.

Do six meals. Add more slowly absorbed carbohydrates during the day and night protein. If you carry out a minimum of eight weekly sessions between the two sports you will need a greater amount of energy.

Forbidden to run on the days we train legs. If you carry out good sets of squats or dead.

Lifts, you already know why I say this. We will have our tired muscles and can cause some unnecessary injury.

Weight-break-eat-run. This sequence is necessary to optimize our performance. Start weight training, rest at least 20 minutes, eat fast absorbing carbohydrates or even a small amount of protein and pursue career training.

Two days of racing intervals. Those who run and do weights have the “bad habit” of always shoot the same distances at the same intensities. That is a serious mistake. The intervallic methods recruit more fast-twitch fibers, burn more fat and will improve your endurance and strength.

Not perform static stretches until training is complete. Although there is extensive scientific debate on this issue, we recommend doing ballistic or dynamic stretching before and during activities and only static on the days we train or not to end the workout.

Pay attention to warnings. Our body is very wise and when there is discomfort indicates that there is a problem. Muscle strain, start soft tissue inflammation, fatigue, etc. If you do not know what kind of trouble you have, the best medicine is to stop in time.

With these guidelines you can reach you to become good riders with good muscle mass. Do not renounce the weights.

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