Taichi, energy balance

Taichi, energy balance

Tai chi is a martial art originating therapeutic applications of the Chinese empire, and whose practice is related to the achievement of greater physical and mental balance. Do you dare to try?

The Tai Chi Ch’uan, better known as Tai Chi is a martial art with therapeutic applications originating in the Chinese empire, and whose practice is related to the achievement of greater physical and mental balance.

Regarding the birth of this discipline, there are different theories about how it originated and evolved because, as happens in other ancient techniques, in explaining its origin myth, legend and reality collide. What we have demonstrated is the direct link of taichi with Taoism, an oriental religion more than 2,500 years old and has as main objective the search of the way or tao.

Has the most widespread legend about tai chi that several hundred years ago, a Taoist monk called Zhang Sang Feng fought watched a crane and a snake. The crane, even though he tried to stick his beak into the snake did not, as it always regretted. Thus, the observation of the movements of the snake born T’ai Chi Ch’uan.

The basics of Tai Chi

This martial art is part of the philosophy of Chinese nature and as such, is directly linked to other concepts such as Yin and Yang, the Chi (Qi), and their therapeutic applications, other aspects of traditional Chinese medicine.

Yin and Yang are related to the observation of the sun and the moon and the changing seasons. Two opposite ends that are at the same time, are interconnected and form part of a whole. Therefore, this concept describes the opposite qualities of things as, for example, male and female, good and evil, day and night or love and hate.

When identifying the Yin would be the dark area and Yan the lightest part. The presence of one inside the other and interacting means are complementary. That is, no sense nor understand if both do not exist.

For its part, the Chi (Qi) refers to energy. All the elements of nature would be structured on the basis of that energy and its various combinations. As the field of action of the energy ( Chi ) is so broad, the Chinese tradition classifies by three categories: Heaven, Earth and Man.

The Chi Celeste is associated with atmospheric and climatic phenomena, which are directly related to the Terrestrial Chi for example, no rain would dry plants-and the Human Chi which, in turn, would be influenced by the other two.

Every person, animal or plant has its own energy or Chi , which tends to be balanced. When this does not happen is when health problems and illnesses manifest.

They are quite known the many forms of energy and work to achieve such stability between our bodies and our minds, among them are massage, acupuncture and acupressure, Reiki, the treatment with herbs or meditation and physical exercises. Indeed, in the latter two groups we are where would locate Tai Chi.

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