Five basic rules for running safe and uninjured

Five basic rules for running safe and uninjured

If your sport career is always good to have in mind some basic rules for running safely. Every sport badly implemented may be more harm than good, so you have to take care of certain basics that will allow us to prevent injuries and make the most of the activity.

The first thing to keep in mind before going for a run is: what clothes I wear? While jogging for five minutes could be worth anything when run frequently, shoes and clothing will be very important. Slippers according to our type of tread and a T-shirt and comfortable, lightweight and breathable pants will make us more comfortable and secure career (especially shoes).

The heat should not miss out on all, but go out to jog ten minutes must have a warm up. The mobility of joints and stretching will be basic to start oiling the body and prepare for the race. If your workouts usually last 30-45 minutes, ten minutes of warming are more than good.

Double check the tour you will make. It is always better to run a road traveled and something where you can cross over if a problem corridors of injury, fatigue or fainting arises if the route is a better source, especially in hot weather, because not only us serve to hydrate, also to cool.

Also keep in mind the different levels and types of surface, it is not the same when riding on slopes in plain, which is a specific job.

Do not force the machine, at the first sign of excessive fatigue or pain in a muscle or joint slows and get to walk if necessary. When something hurts it is because the body warns us that not right, force will only serve to aggravate the injury. The difference between stop or continue at a sign of injury is recovered in a few days or have to be a convalescent month.

The training not just to stop running, try not to stop suddenly and gradually do: race-walk-trot-stop. It’s always good to end a basic stretches without breaking, to help regain muscle. Then be sure to hydrate well, making a hot-cold shower and replenish energy stores.

They are very basic rules and performed daily will allow us to give the slip to injuries and train more safely and quietly.