Control your body with Pilates

Control your body with Pilates

Created by Joseph H. Pilates nearly a century ago, this whole exercise is more fashionable than ever. And it is that not only helps to improve the physical condition, but also the ability to control and concentration.

Created by Joseph H. Pilates in the early 20s of last century, Pilates is a set of exercises whose purpose is to exercise the body and mind, and that through its practice, and improve our physical condition, increase our ability to control and concentration. In fact, also it is known by the name of ‘Contrology’.

Through the combination of Eastern and Western traditions, Pilates managed to create a routine of more than 500 exercises that would pool calm and flexibility along with strength and muscle tone.

But the truth is that the method could be reduced to 34 basic exercises which countless combinations and extensions arise.

In these specific physiological and anatomical angles levers work, and always be performed to the beat of breathing, being totally focused on the movements made.

It is an intense and effective method that produces significant benefits in the musculature, but this has not been the only cause for extending their practice.

Undoubtedly, the fact that internationally known celebrities such as Madonna, Sharon Stone, Kate Moss, Jennifer Aniston or Melanie Griffith practice it has contributed to become even more popular.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is part of the group of anaerobic exercise, that is, those physical activities that are performed briefly and based primarily on force.

Its main goal is not burning calories, but to strengthen muscles and increase control, strength and flexibility of our body.

Although, like all exercise, an increase in energy expenditure and therefore also helps to maintain a healthy weight.

The six essential principles of this method are control concentration, flow, precision and breathing center. Indeed, with the latter principle, the Pilates refers to a specific area in the body called force center, which is also known as power mansion.

That area the abdominal muscles would form the base of the back and buttocks and the intention is that, through its strengthening other parts of the body are exercised.

Most of the exercises are done through a series of gentle, slow and with the help of devices designed specifically for this discipline movements. In every one of these controlled movements you try to get as accurately as possible through breath control, correct alignment of the body and, of course, concentration. Thus violent or uncontrolled gestures that can be hard on the body are avoided.

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