Scrumptious healthy eating on a budget

Most people equate “healthy” eating with “meh.” Some unknown wit said something to the effect that “If it tastes good, it is probably bad for you,” and in most cases this is too true. It is also true that healthy foods tend to be more expensive. However, there is really no reason why either should be true for you. You can even go to a healthy restaurant like Fresh Healthy Café to get some ideas without breaking the bank. Here are some tips to make healthy eating a treat without going over budget.

Buy lots of frozen veggies and fruits

You might feel some doubt about this, as you were brought up to think that fresh is better. This is true, but the reality is fresh is expensive, and fresh will not stay so for more than a day after you get it from the supermarket. Unless you have your own well-stocked kitchen garden, frozen vegetables and fruits are the next best thing to fresh for affordability and accessibility. You will always have a ready supply in the freezer to pop into the steamer or microwave to make a balanced meal at any time, and they often taste almost the same as freshly picked. Avoid boiling to retain as much crunch, vitamins and minerals as possible.

Half the salt

One of the easiest ways to make healthy meals is to cut down on the salt. You may find the food a tad bland if you are used to more flavor in your dishes, but you will eventually get used to it. Too much salt causes a lot of damage to your internal organs, especially the heart. It also causes water retention, making you feel and look bloated.

Leave sodas out of the cart

Aside from cutting down on salt, cutting down on sugar already puts you considerably ahead in your journey to healthy food. If you don’t buy sodas and powdered juice drinks, you won’t drink them at home. Drink water instead, and you will feel a little bit of the health effects every day.