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Heroin, Opiate Pain Pills and the National Addiction Crisis

Prescription pain killers that are derived from the opium poppy, like OxyContin and Vicodin, have become the nation’s leading drug threat. They are technically not the most commonly abused illicit drug, since the federal government still regards marijuana as being illegal under any circumstances. But if we set aside marijuana due to its patchwork legal […]


Four Techniques for Maintaining Your Sobriety

Anyone who is addicted to alcohol or drugs must participate in a detoxification and rehabilitation program to overcome their addiction. After completing long-term treatment, you must work hard for the rest of your life to maintain sobriety. Fortunately, experts recommend several strategies to maintain sobriety for a lifetime to avoid a dangerous relapse. There are […]


Diet advice to fight cholesterol

Cholesterol is something of a buzzword these days, with products on the market claiming to lower it, health experts advising of its dangers, and a host of food substitutes available to ensure you’re not getting too much, but (if you’re being honest), do you know what cholesterol is? Produced by our livers, and found in […]