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5 Ways to Head off Your Head Cold before it Starts

As winter approaches, we get out our woollens and air our quilts, preparing to stay warm and protected. This, we believe wards off colds and flu because all of us know that ‘prevention is better than cure’. Here are a list of things you can do to ensure that you steer clear of pesky colds and sore throats which can ground you and throw a spanner into your daily routine.

  • Dress warm:

Bring out your caps, scarves, mufflers and stoles! While they may feel like a burden to wear and carry around, they are your best bet at protecting yourself from head colds and sore throats. Go on a shopping spree and buy yourself a winter wardrobe which will not only protect you, but also make you look stylish and trendy this winter.

  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle:

Drink a glass of warm water infused with a splash of lemon and a spoonful of honey every morning. This brew not only cleanses your system and aids metabolism but the vitamin-C that you get from the lemon protects you from colds. The goodness of the honey smoothens and relaxes your throat

  • Choose citrus fruits

Make juicy oranges, sweet limes, lemons and other citrus fruits a part of your regular diet, and take a huge step forward in building your immunity

  • Gargle

Why wait to have a sore throat before you gargle? Research proves that people who gargle with warm salted water three times a day are better able to resist colds during winter. Simply dissolve half a teaspoon of salt in warm water and swirl it around in your throat before you spit it out.

  • Hit the bottle!

Increasing your fluid intake lessens your chances of catching a cold. Drink plenty of water and supplement your diet with warm soups and fresh fruit juices. Soups and juices provide easy-to–digest nutrients while water ensures that you stay hydrated and healthy

  • Inhale Steam

Regular steam inhalation is a great way to keep colds at bay. Invest in a device which enables you to inhale steam comfortably, or just boil a saucepan full of water for the purpose. Not only will inhaling steam lessen your chances of catching a cold, it will also hydrate your skin and make it glow!

Our busy lives take a toll of our health in many ways, but the greatest impact is the lack of sleep and the lack of attention to a proper diet. Find a dietary supplement for yourself which ensures your body receives all the important nutrients even on days when you are too rushed to sit down for a proper meal

  • Try Alternative Medicine
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