A Guide to Vaping for Beginners

If you’re new to vaping, getting started can be a little intimidating. With cigarettes, it’s as simple as buying your brand and lighting up. Before you can even get to selecting your preferred type of vaping liquid, you have to do research on batteries and atomizers. And once you’ve finally got all the equipment in your hands, you then have to learn how to properly use it!

The higher technical barrier of entry is probably the biggest reason why more cigarette smokers haven’t converted over to more healthful and socially acceptable vaping devices. They are worth the effort in so many ways, however. And once you’re familiar with their basic operation, you’ll find they really aren’t all that complicated.

There are two core components to a vaping setup: the battery and the atomizer. You can buy these together, most commonly in the “pen” or “e-cigarette” structure, but you can also buy them separately to get the features you want in each.

  • Battery

    The output of the batteries that power vaping devices are pretty standard. The major difference here is in charge time. By purchasing a separate battery, however, you’ll almost always get a superior charge time to a stock e-cigarette; usually from four to eight times more life from a full charge!

    Some advanced batteries allow you to control the voltage output. Higher voltage basically creates stronger flavor and a larger amount of vapor. If a battery is labeled as “passthrough,” that means it can be charged while vaping. You generally see these advanced features only on stand-alone batteries, not on the most basic e-cigarettes that are sold at gas stations and retail stores.

  • Atomizer

    An atomizer is basically just a coil and wick setup that is warmed by the battery, transferring that heat to the liquid to create the vapor. There is a wide range of difference in the quality of these devices, however.

    In addition, sometimes you’ll see “cartomizers” or “clearomizers” for sale. These are basically atomizer variants with added features, but with their own unique quirks as well. The clearomizer has a transparent tank so you can see exactly how much liquid is left. This is important as if you continue vaping after the liquid is gone it creates a horrible odor. Cartomizers are basically a convenience device that connects the atomizer directly to the battery. This is the setup you’ll see in most pre-fab e-cigarettes. Some are designed only for one-time use, however, and require a completely new cartomizer to be attached each time.

Once you’ve decided on the battery-atomizer setup that works best for you, you can begin experimenting with the different liquids out there to see what you enjoy the most. Getting the optimal setup for your personal vaping needs definitely takes a little experimenting and tweaking at first, but once you get it set up you’re good for a lifetime.