What you don’t Know about Rowing Machines Yet

The fitness equipment that you see in a health club have a specific use for the body for e.g. dumbbells and the weight machines are for strength training, the treadmills are for cardiovascular exercise, but do you know what a rowing machine does for your body? Just in case if you don’t know, you’re not alone; it appears that a lot of people are actually unaware of what it does for the body because you might almost ever see anyone in a health gym use it. To break it down for you – a rowing machine can be your body’s best friend as it literally gives your entire body a thorough workout inside and out.

What are the Benefits?

Read on to know what a rowing machine can do to your body:

  1. A Full Body Workout – One of the rowing machine’s claims to fame is it’s fantastic for full body workout. Your upper and lower body is required to complete a rowing stroke which is a good as well as bad thing too because it is depending on how you look at it. It is a good thing because you’ll be getting a solid workout that’s guaranteed to get you sweating.
  2. Cardiovascular Exercise – In a nutshell cardiovascular (also known as aerobic) exercise is an activity that increases your heart beat and keeps it at that raised heart rate for a period of time; something a rowing machine can do with ease for you. It is even better when you push off with your legs or using your upper-body to pull the handle to your mid-section, a rower needs use of muscle groups from your entire body which keeps your heart rate up.
  3. Non weight bearing and low weight – This is one of the lesser known claims to fame fact for a rower. This is a low-impact and non-weight bearing because rowing is performed while you’re sitting down. Rowing is ultimate for every person but it is even more beneficial for people with weak joints, and people rehabilitating after surgery.

So in short the benefits are as follows:

  1. Provides a full body workout
  2. It is an amazing source of aerobic exercise
  3. It is great for burning calories and fat from the trouble areas
  4. Does not pressurize the joint because it is a non-weight workout.

How to work on a Rowing Machine?

Now the question arises as to how to go about rowing. Here is how

  1. Beginning Position – For your first row, set the resistance low until you get into form and ramp up slowly on succeeding rows. Then secure your feet on the pads with the straps tight enough so that your feet remain stable when you slide. After this, you have to bring your knees up and slide on top of machine. With an overhand grip, you should grab the handle, but hold it gently. Pull the handle just when you slide towards the machine end. Make sure that your legs are straight in this position and your knees should be slightly bent to avoid locking. Now, lean back a little and pull both your hands up to your chest, holding the handle so it is right below your chests, with elbows pointing down against your sides.
  2. The Middle – Move your arms out first and then move the upper body. Also, ensure that your back is straight with shoulders back and abs engaged as you follow through. Your upper body position will go from back to forward as your arms extend out. Slide your body forward by bending your legs once your arms extend. This position is often called as catch.
  3. Finally the Drive – Arms are the last part of body that returns to finish position. As you angle back your upper body, bend your arms by pulling the handle touching your chest. And that’s it. Just repeat the process to get great benefits.

Final Say

So, the above article taught you few benefits of rowing machines exercises and how these exercises are done to get best out of your workout. Rowing is one of the exercises that will help you get rid of body fat without too much of tiredness.