Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Maker Review

The Good: If you are considering buying an espresso machine that will provide you freshness with speed, you can opt for Breville BSE870XL Barista. For individuals who are coffee lovers, then probably this is the best choice to make. The combination of burr grinder enables you to have the best espresso within just 60 seconds. It is to be noted that best taste can be obtained by this machine without having to compromise on any front. The machine is fully automatic and you need not have to worry about grinding, tamping or brewing the beans. Your days with the machine would be hassle free and will give you time to concentrate on other things in life.

The Bad: While using the Breville Barista Express machine for initial days, users might have to go some difficulty in handling and operating on it. However with time, they would get accustomed to this automatic machine and would make the most from it to get a coffee of good taste.

The Bottom Line: This amazing coffee machine is equipped with pressurized filters that have dual walls and the pressure inside the machine is regulated automatically. So, you will be able to receive unique flavor from this machine because of its ultimate extraction. As a beginner, you can opt for non-pressurized filters and carry out some experiments on recipes by simply changing the pressure, adjusting grind size etc. and thus having a coffee appropriate to your taste.

Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine Review

This espresso machine is made in Italy and the place of its manufacture speaks a lot about its supreme quality. Further, the pump of machine is able to generate pressure up to 15-bar and is also equipped with thermocoil heating system. As a result, you get sufficient power and temperature to brew the perfect kind of espresso all the times. It is also interesting to note that the pre-brew function is “ON” along with flat head water spigot which allows it to distribute the coffee puck. This makes this machine ideal as well as superb gift to your near and dear ones.

The machine houses Conical Burr Grinder so that after pouring the beans into the hopper (which is of ½ pound capacity) is not a difficult thing to do. The grinding is done on big surface thus there is an option of locking the hopper in different positions for the purpose of safety, storage, removal, cleaning etc.

You are at your choice to select the size and amount of grind, which means you can make the grind fine as well as course. Moreover single shots to full loads of coffee can be produced with the help of selector dials. Using this machine is not at all difficult for users and one can easily read the dials on the machine. With the help of filter size button, user can select the single as well as double wall filter basket as per consumption of the user.

The water tank has water filters to remove impurities as well as mineral deposits. The filter may be removed for cleaning and can thus be used for having the best taste and quality coffee. In situations, when you change your mind last minute about the volume of brewing, you may achieve that with help of manual override apart from reprogrammable settings.

Features of Breville Express Espresso Machine

This espresso machine has some features that make it different from others. These can be enumerated as follows:

  • The pressure can be seen on the pressure gauge, thus providing complete information to the user.
  • The machine warns you for cleaning with indicator lights, such that it is cleaned right on time. It also comes along with a special cleaning kit, to make the task easy for the user.
  • It has 360-swivel action steam wand.
  • There is facility of auto-purge function.
  • The “Empty Me” indicator light is present on the machine, to enable user remove the tray and keep it clean always.

Final Verdict

Making choice of this espresso machine is completely worth it and can be purchased over other machines available in the market. Latest techniques and methods are being used in this machine, which makes it the best choice in the market.

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