More Comfort from This Type of Imaging Device For A Variety Of Reasons

Some medical procedures feel as though they were designed to make you uncomfortable. It seems paradoxical since you go to the doctor or hospital to feel better. In these situations, the old adage that pain is a sign of healing does very little for your psyche. Simply put, you do not want to endure a procedure that hurts more than the medical condition for which you are seeking treatment.As if doctors are beginning to feel your pain, many imaging centers have begun using open MRI systems to deliver better patient care.Patient Comfort Leads the AdvantagesPatients experience more comfort from this type of imaging device for a variety of reasons:

Nervousness or claustrophobia about imaging procedures become a nonissue
Older adults and young children in particular who need a loved one or caregiver present during the procedure
Larger patients do not have to worry about fitting comfortably in the conventional MRI machine
Images of a foot, wrist or other extremity for an orthopedic patient is easier

Scanners Designed for Patient ConvenienceNot sacrificing your comfort is just the beginning. These scanners are also designed for your convenience. Medical professionals still get high-quality images and you do not walk away feeling worse.You will immediately notice a difference from the moment you are lying on the table instead of being shoved inside a tube. There is never a need to pace your body in awkward positions just to get the right image.

These scanners can work with bodies of all shapes and sizes. Additionally, special headphones are available if you want to listen to music during the procedure.A Convenient Form of DeliveryBeing able to go to an imaging center has long been a convenience that patients prefer over a hospital setting. Fortunately, many imaging centers have switched to this new device so imaging tests can still occur at an offsite facility.In addition to going to a separate facility, your results can be read by a board certified radiologist. Images and findings can be electronically sent to your doctor within a short period of time. You will receive only one bill that does not contain hospital fees or hidden charges.In many cases, the high definition images that come from these open scanners help doctors make a more accurate diagnosis. Receiving great care that is covered by your health insurance plan is a basic expectation for all patients. Knowing that you can undergo imaging procedures that will not leave you feeling worse is an added benefit.