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Common Cosmetic Dental Problems

Cosmetic dentists help correct teeth imperfections that interfere with your day to day activities. Your smile is the most noticeable quality you have and it contributes greatly to your confidence and self-esteem. In addition to your smile, the imperfections can affect the strength and functionality of your dental system. Advanced technology has facilitated the discovery of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. Some of the procedures are completed within a few hours. You can be able to get rid of your awkward smile within a day.

Some of the common cosmetic dentistry problems and how to fix them include:

  1. Discolored teeth: If you have discolored teeth you should consider cosmetic teeth whitening. This is a simple procedure that can be performed in the dentist’s office or from the comfort of your home.
  2. Chipped, cracked and broken teeth: Chips and cracks are common and can be fixed by porcelain veneers or teeth bonding to make the teeth stronger. If broken teeth are not fixed on time they may end up decaying.
  3. Missing teeth: People loose teeth due to injury and decay. The gap left can be filled by a cosmetic surgeon to give you a good bite and keep your cheeks fuller. Some people with missed teeth have difficulties when chewing and talking. If this is a struggle for you, then you should consider having them filled so that you can lead an easy life. Gaps are filled by use of dental implants or dental bridges.
  4. Tooth decay: The main solution for tooth decay is dental filling. With advances in dentistry, you can get colored fillings for the cavities caused by the decay. If you have metal fillings you can replace them with composite tooth colored fillings. The metal fillings are quite obvious when you open your mouth but composite tooth colored fillings blend in with your teeth color and are unnoticeable.
  5. Bad dental work: If you are a victim of bad dental procedures you should consider cosmetic dentistry to correct that.
  6. Crooked teeth: Crooked teeth make brushing the teeth difficult and can thus cause teeth decay. Many people are reluctant to fix crooked teeth because of the trauma associated with metal braces. However with advances in cosmetic dentistry there is invisalign invisible teeth straightening to help you correct the crooked teeth without any discomfort.
  7. Gaps: Teeth boding can fix undesirable spaces between teeth. Teeth gaps affect chewing and biting.
  8. Teeth with irregular shapes and sizes: These affect the facial appeal and can be a problem when chewing food and talking.

Cosmetic dentistry is for anyone who is not confident about his or her teeth. If you are ever self-conscious when you smile, you should talk to a dentist Barrie immediately. The lack of comfort and confidence can ruin your career as well as your love life.

There are several cosmetic procedures that can be performed based on the dental problem that you have. A Barrie dentist will examine you and determine which solution is best for you. When choosing your dentist ensure that you go for one who is experienced in cosmetic dentistry.