How to Make Sure Your Botox Experience Is a Positive One

The botulinum toxin is a powerful toxin. Allergan has used it to create Botox, creating one of the most powerful cosmetic drugs on the market today. If used properly, it can create a beautiful and very natural look. However, there are some places where Botox is not properly regulated, and this has led to some bad experiences. Not just that, it has given Botox a bad name.

What Is a Bad Botox Experience?

A bad Botox experience happens if:

  • Too much is injected.
  • Not enough is injected.
  • It is injected in the wrong place.
  • Your provider isn’t actually using Botox.

If any of the following situations happen after your treatment, you will have had a bad Botox experience:

  1. One of your eyelids starts to droop, which means the muscle of the eyelid has been affected, either due to the injection being too close to the muscle, or due to the product migrating.
  2. Both eyebrows drooping, which happens when Botox is injected too low, in too strong a dosage, or both.
  3. A so-called “frozen face”, which happens when too much Botox is injected.
  4. One side of the face dropping, which happens when Botox is injected too close to the muscle of the check.
  5. Struggling to fully close your mouth, which happens when too much Botox is injected around the muscles of the lips.
  6. Difficulty swallowing or hoarseness, which could be a serious complication that could point to an allergy to Botox.

Avoiding a Bad Botox Experience

There are plenty of things you can do to avoid having a bad Botox experience. This includes:

  1. Looking into the qualifications and experience of your Botox professional. They should also have regular patients every week, so that their experience is up to date.
  2. Looking into the complication rate that the clinic boasts. If your physician says they have no complication records, they are either not telling the truth, or they don’t have enough patients.
  3. Finding out what their validation and ongoing supervision requirements are, which means industry experts review their work once per year.
  4. Asking which botulinum toxin brand they use. At present, the popular brands are Botox, Dysport (Azzalure), and Xeomin. Each of those works very well, but only if supplied in the right strength and the right amount. One unit of one drug is not equal to one unit of the other, however. Look into this and ask your provider why they choose one brand over another one if you can.

Botox, if delivered properly, is a perfectly safe procedure that delivers fantastic results. However, it is vital that you choose a professional who sticks to the rules and who knows what they are doing. This is your guarantee of quality assurance. Remember that you are allowing someone to inject a deadly poison into your face, and the results, if not done properly, can be quite devastating and they last for a long time.