Electromagnetic Radiation

6 Harmful Health Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation

Electromagnetic fields surround devices that have an electric current. In today’s modern world, you cannot really get away from electromagnetic fields. They are everywhere. But you can get some protection against EMFs by using shielding devices and items that prevent high levels of EMFs from entering the body. This is useful because the problems with EMFs are caused by exposure over a long period of time, in close proximity to the source of the EMFs.

Effective emf protection helps to minimise the risk of the following health conditions:

  1. Asthma

Studies have shown that strong magnetic fields that a mother is exposed to during pregnancy result in an increased risk of a child getting asthma later in life. It is therefore advisable to limit exposure to electromagnetic fields, using emf protection, during pregnancy and when the baby is young.

  1. Cancer of the Mouth

Studies have shown that people who use cell phones for over 22 hours a month are more likely to develop salivary gland cancer in the mouth.


  1. Brain Tumours

Several studies have revealed that accumulated use of a cell phone over many years can result in a greater risk of a brain tumour.

  1. Cancer of the Bone Marrow and Lymphatic Cancer

Some studies show that living close to high voltage power lines during childhood or for long periods of time can result in a higher likelihood of developing these cancers.

  1. Miscarriage

Electromagnetic fields from appliances like hairdryers, food mixers, and vacuum cleaners can significantly raise the risk of a woman suffering a miscarriage during pregnancy, studies show.

  1. Suicide

There have also been studies where electric workers who were routinely exposed to low frequency electromagnetic fields have double the suicide risk of people who do not work in these conditions.

There are also other diseases that have been linked to exposure to electromagnetic fields. These include Alzheimer’s disease, breast cancer, depression, heart disease, autism, leukaemia, and birth defects. On the other hand, less serious but just as problematic are the other conditions that are linked to EMFs, including allergies, difficulties concentrating, high blood pressure, fatigue, infections, skin sensitivity, headaches, hormonal imbalance, nerve damage, sleep problems, and skin infection.

The studies that link electromagnetic fields to health problems are usually small, and therefore it would be helpful to replicate the results in a larger population in order to draw firm conclusions about the levels of exposure that are safe or harmful. Any problem with electromagnetic fields can be minimised with the use of effective emf protection, which can help to cut down on levels of exposure.


Image: Image courtesy of franky242/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net