Basic Guide to Niveau Labs Supplements

Niveau Labs is a Miami based company that specialized in creating a variety of high quality supplements that can improve your overall well being. The term Niveau is actually a French term that means balance. Niveau Labsis a new company that was recently established in 2015 but its supplement products have already been tested by many people who leave positive feedback. Niveau Labs produces four types of supplements including Niveau Labs Antarctic Krill Oil, Niveau Labs CLA 1200, Niveau Labs CoQ10 and Niveau Labs Flaxseed Oil.


Niveau Labs Antarctic Krill Oil provides the essential omega 3nutrient that your body need for maintaining a healthy heart. It will speed up the repair of the damaged tissues and ease the inflammation of the tissues. The omega 3 from Niveau Labs Antarctic Krill Oil allows you to have a head of healthy and shiny hair. If you have few hair on your head, consuming Niveau krill oil will make your hair grow faster. It will give you a healthier skin that is smooth and glowing. The nutrients in Niveau Antarctic Krill Oil also help you to have healthy nails. Each krill oil tablet offers a 500 mg dose which is the recommended daily dosage. The supplement smells fresh and is odorless.


Niveau Labs CLA 1200 is a conjugated linoleic acid supplement created from the omega 6 fat. It is beneficial to your health in many ways including reduce asthma symptoms, maintain a balance of the insulin level, stronger immune system, relief from high blood pressure, and destroy cancer cells. Studies conducted on animals show that CLA supplement can reduce up to 50% of the cancer cells growth of various types o cancers such as breast, lung and rectal. CLA supplement can get rid the fat on the different parts of your body. It can enhance the production of lipid peroxidation and cure various types of inflammations. It is able to reduce your appetite and make you feel fuller. Get more details at NIveau Labs website.


Niveau Labs CoQ10 is a coenzyme Q10 supplement has the ability to enhance the enzymes in a number of biochemical function. The natural antioxidant can be found in a variety of food. It is being synthesized in the body and can be found in high concentration in organs with a high level of energy requirement. Niveay Labs CoQ10 is necessary for maintaining a healthy heart. It can reduce the bad cholesterol and ensure smooth circulation of the blood in your body. It ensures that your heart muscle is functioning optimally. Niveau Labs CoQ10 is also able to treat migraine headaches problem. Research has also shown that coenzyme Q10 can reduce the progression of the stages of Parkinson’s disease.


Niveau Labs Flaxseed Oil can acts as a colon cleanser and help you to pass motion more easily. It can cleanse away the toxins that have been build up in your body as fat and get rid of them through wastes. It is a natural lubricant for the excretion system and can effectively relieve you from constipation. Research has shown that flaxseed oil can significantly reduce the growth of cancer cells in breast cancer. Niveau Labs Flaxseed Oil can enhance the production of collagen and reduce the cellulite fat. Aging can decrease the collagen production and make the cellulite fat more prominent. It can fight away eczema and other types of skin rashes. It enables your skin to have a smooth texture. Niveau Labs Flaxseed Oil is high in alpha linolenic and can reduce your chance getting a heart attack. Research on a population has shown that eating flax seed oil reduce the number of death caused by heart attack.