How to Prevent Stains on Your Clear Braces

Clear braces Clayton MO patients often prefer are designed to minimize inconvenience while still promoting optimal dental health. If you already have clear braces, you may think they are resistant to stains. And while this is true to some degree, steps need to be taken to keep your braces looking great. It’s the elastic ligatures supporting the arch-wires attached to the brackets you need to pay particular attention to as you care for your braces.

Properly Brush After Each Meal

Food that lingers within your mouth or in your braces and supporting hardware can cause stains. In addition to washing off food colors, brushing minimizes the risk of developing dental issues that may reduce any of the positive results you’ll enjoy after your braces are off.

Floss and Rinse After Brushing

Clear braces can become slowly discolored and stained if food particles and other debris gathers or sticks around for too long. While brushing is a good way to remove a lot of this stuff, rinsing and flossing can catch anything that was missed.

Give Up Smoking

Even without braces, chemicals in cigarettes can stain teeth. The nicotine in cigarettes may also stain the ligatures. Stains from smoking tend to be difficult to remove, as well.

Stay Away from Foods with Rich Colors

A surefire way to stain your clear braces is to consistently eat foods with dark, rich colors. The red color in tomatoes, for instance, is very strong and easily transferred to clear braces. Also stay away from dark-colored beverages, especially black coffee. Mustard, soy sauce, and berries should also be avoided.

Avoid Whitening Toothpastes

Whitening toothpastes are sometimes used by patients with clear braces to keep their teeth white and pristine between dental visits. While teeth will be kept white, so will the brackets. And you may end up with stains on your teeth from the whitening effects of the toothpaste when the brackets are removed. Instead, thoroughly brush after meals with regular toothpaste.

Another way to keep your clear braces strain-free is to visit your dentist to have the ligatures changed frequently. Ligatures also come in different colors. If you find yourself staining them frequently, consider opting for another color other than clear or white. Gray and blue ligatures, for instance, tend to blend in well and hide stains. Finally, keep your follow-up appointments to ensure your braces are properly aligned and cleaned.