Beginning of a lifelong process

Detox and rehabilitation are just two parts of the recovery process when someone has an addiction. In particular, going to an alcohol rehab Sacramento is valid and important to ending substance abuse, but it is only the beginning of a lifelong process.

Millions of people struggle to overcome alcohol addiction every year. Staying sober takes commitment and determination. It also requires supportive help from loved ones. Encouraging your friend or family member to continue living a substance-free life is something that you can do to show your loved one he or she is not alone.

Ways to Encourage Sobriety

1. Accept your loved one without judging their past. Feeling judged by friends and family members is common for people recovering from alcoholism. Therefore, you should refrain from being negative of critical.

Instead, express how much you love your friend or family member. Let them know that deciding to become and remain sober is a very good choice.

2. Maintain a substance-free environment. The biggest predictor of whether a person can sustain long-term recovery is whether or not their environment is free from the temptation to drink. You can protect your loved one by removing alcoholic beverages.

3. Use active listening skills. Your loved one may need you to just listen as they work through underlying issues that caused them to drink too much. Be available as much as possible to listen to their daily victories and struggles.

4. Encourage them to follow healthy habits. Keep the focus on positive, substance-free activities such as exercising, playing games and cooking healthy meals.

5. Make the Suggestion for Your Loved One to Join a Support Group. This is a place where people recovering from alcohol abuse can interact with each other. Their journeys are different, but they can be an encouragement to one another.

6. Be patient. Recovering from alcohol abuse can be a complicated process that takes time. Mistakes are not out of the ordinary while in recovery. These are the times your loved one will need your support the most.

Help Your Loved One Avoid Relapse

Begin preparing for your loved one’s sobriety before he or she leaves rehab. This way, you avoid second-guessing what you are doing and coming across as not sincere.

Typically, recovery is easier when there are people around being supportive and encouraging. The more your loved one knows he or she has someone close by who believes in his or her ability to stay sober, the more likely it is that they will do just that.