Chiropractic Controversies That Hurt The Profession

Personal opinions about chiropractic health range from “this does not work” to “the chiropractor saved my life”. More people think that chiropractic care does not work though and that is mainly because of the long history of ethical and scientific controversies surrounding this profession. Chiropractic work is basically seen as contentious by many because:

  • Marketing and sales tactics are aggressive about treatment offered.
  • Claims that are too good to be true.
  • Doubts and concerns about treating efficacy and safety.

Expensive And Quick Treatments

There are many different really quick but expensive treatments in chiropractic care. Sales tactics and marketing strategies are often built around them. Because they are aggressive, many see them as being distasteful or unethical. That is especially with pre-paid packages. In the US, in 2016 it was shown that 80% of the Medicare payments connected to chiropractors were done for procedures that were not medically necessary. Selling too hard is a controversy surrounding chiropractors.

Spinal Manipulation Outrageous Claims

When chiropractic treatments first appeared everything surrounded spinal manipulation. Basically, most health problems could have been treated with this, in theory. This is obviously incorrect but there are still some chiropractors that think it is true or that claim it is true. At the moment there is no scientific proof that chiropractic procedures can help with many different ailments and diseases.

The Untold Dangers Of Neck Adjustment

Neck adjustment can be quite dangerous. Various class action lawsuits were filed against chiropractic professional organizations and chiropractors because of damages that were caused by improper neck adjustments. It is thus important to be sure you will be treated just by someone that has experience and that was not involved in such lawsuits in the past.

Aggressive Treatments For Children

This is a highly controversial thing that should be properly discussed. So many chiropractors are aggressively marketing regular treatments for babies and children. This is not at all a good idea since manipulation can easily break the neck of a child at that age. A chiropractor that focuses on offering such a service is most likely one that is a scammer. Serious chiropractors will never recommend treatments that are not absolutely necessary. With babies the possibility that long term chiropractic adjustment is needed is really low.

Chiropractors Fighting Chiropractors

Chiropractors do not always see eye to eye with other chiropractors. This is basically because of the fact that some are honest while others are not. It is really important to look at this in an objective way since this is basically exactly what hurts the profession more than anything else. Accusations against the chiropractic profession always exist and many chiropractors agree with the accusations. This only creates more controversy. However, it also shows that there is a need to fully develop a set of rules or regulations.

On the whole, many chiropractic controversies appear because of dishonest chiropractors. If you ever need services to help you recover from injuries or you just need some adjustments, it is vital that you talk with someone that has a lot of experience.