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New Roles in Health IT – Scribes Are in High Demand

As technology advances, so too do careers in technology and when it comes to healthcare, this is a superior benefit to employers and employees alike. Not only does technology facilitate a much faster response to many patient-related needs within the industry but it is also a cost effective solution to many of the over-the-top solutions historically used within the field. If you are looking for a career in either healthcare and/or technology, you may wish to consider a few health IT careers that are currently in very high demand.

Cutting Costs by Increasing Productivity

Perhaps the most important benefit to healthcare when it comes to Information Technology, IT, is the huge reduction in costs which can be realized. In fact, there are two main ways in which costs are reduced. One of them involves the rapidity at which information can be accessed and the other is an even more practical consideration and that would be a reduction in overhead.

A Virtual Workforce Is on the Rise

Just a few short years ago, medical billing specialists became certified in medical coding and from this standardized coding came a demand for more professionals trained in coding. From patient diagnosis to medical billing, everything has a code today and once that code has been learned and become second nature like a new language, a coder can work from literally anywhere. Take for example virtual medical scribes who are tasked with entering all patient information into a provider’s EHR (Electronic Health Records).

If a doctor or hospital doesn’t wish to provide work space on site, all the scribe needs to do is transcribe voice and/or written notes from a patient visit and that information will be logged into the system in a recognized format that can be easily transferred between providers with complete comprehension as to assessments and outcomes. Today’s medical scribe often contracts work and then undertakes the bulk of entry from their homes.

The Reason Scribes Are in Such High Demand

Beyond cost and the rapidity of dissemination of information, medical scribes are in high demand because they become proficient in cyber security that is becoming a huge focus of Congress. As they are entering data they become familiar with certain red flags that need immediate attention. Today’s scribe spends a good deal of time learning about the importance and practice of cyber security and there is no better person to be a system watchdog. The scribe can often see who has accessed the system and what information has been accessed as well.

Not only are scribes in high demand but it is estimated that within the next decade IT positions like this will be in greater demand by at least 22% to 25%. This is one field that can almost assuredly offer a solid career going forward and as the field progresses, the pay rate is expected to rise accordingly. Scribes take a bulk of the workload off doctors, nurses and hospital administration and that’s why this is one career to follow. Whether you work from home as a virtual medical scribe or land an office in a healthcare facility, this is an up and coming career with better than average potential.

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