Understanding Stem Cell Nutrition and Stem Cell Supplements

Stem cells are one of the human body’s building block cells, or master cells. Amazingly, they have the ability to become any one of some 200 cell types; thus they are known as undifferentiated (unspecialized). As life goes on they can divide and create cells that are highly differentiated and as such can replace specific cells that have been damaged or destroyed.

Stem cells are present in our bone marrow and in many different body tissues. Within those tissues they serve as an important repair system, dividing as they need to replenish other cells. Each stem cell that divides can either remain as a stem cell or become a more specialized cell. For example, a stem cell could become a muscle cell, brain cell or heart cell.

The Goal of Stem Cell Nutrition

It is estimated that there are approximately 150 million stem cells in our bone marrow. Since stem cells can heal and help regenerate damaged cells and organs, the goal of stem cell nutrition is to stimulate the release of the powerful and potent stem cells from the marrow into the blood stream.

As in many cases, the age old maxim of ‘you are what you eat’ comes into play in stem cell nutrition. Good nutrition, and the combination of the right nutritional ingredients, can dramatically increase stem cell production and release. For instance, a recent study showed that bone marrow cell activity was increased by intake of blueberry, vitamin D3 and green tea.

When combined, however, there was even a more profound increase in activity. Blueberry combined with Vitamin D3 increased activity 62% and green tea extract and blueberry raised levels 70%. Careful attention to nutritional combinations can have significant results. Companies such as MitraPura offer wonderful articles and supplements based on knowledge of stem cell nutrition and ongoing leading-edge research.

Another way to greatly increase stem cell production and activity is through fasting. Results from early studies indicate that fasting can trigger a sort of ‘regenerative switch’ that turns on and cleanses damaged cells. When regular eating resumes, new healthy cells are then generated.

Stem Cell Supplements

Stem cell supplements are especially recommended for athletes, people seeking to detoxify and balance themselves, and older individuals. When we age stem cell circulation in our body decreases dramatically. The proper regimen of stem cell supplements, when combined with healthy eating and other activities such as lifting weights, can trigger our stem cell production and help release the healing cells into the blood stream and body.

In addition to using the right stem cell supplements, you can also increase stem cell activity by curbing sugar intake and reducing overall calories. Although occasional fasting is most beneficial, good results have also been seen from short-term calorie reduction. It is also important to avoid Quinalone antibiotics. Some studies have found that alternating low oxygen (high altitude) and high oxygen environments can be a factor in stem cell rejuvenation for older adults.

If you are seeking a way to regenerate tissue and cells after extreme athletic exertion or as you age, consider Stem Cell Nutrition and Stem Cell Supplements. When combined with periodic fasting and activities such as lifting heavy weights these fountain of youth cells can do wonders for your body.