Braces You Can Live With

The only way to get a straight smile, in some instances, is by the use of braces. Standard metal braces are clunky and hard to hide, which can be frustrating if you are an adult. Invisalign is a new way to straighten teeth that is virtually undetectable and comfortable to wear.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a product that serves as an alternative to traditional metal braces for straightening teeth. They are much preferred by older patients and teens, since they are barely detectable once in position. They are made of durable plastic and work by gradually bringing the teeth into alignment. You change to a different size at the specified time and each graduating tray brings your teeth closer to the desired result.

Personalized Teeth Straightening

Each set of Invisalign is designed to fit your teeth. They are specially sized to fit your mouth alone. Every case is different and the customization offers a comfortable fit. You will have to see the dentist for an initial fit. The set is then created that will bring your teeth into perfect alignment. You will be impressed with your finished smile.

Pain Free Clear Plastic

Traditional metal braces are uncomfortable, if not painful at times. They have to be tightened every once in a while in order to achieve results. Invisalign allows you to go at the appropriate speed and switch to the proper tray without an additional dental visit. Overall, the process saves a lot of money. You will still need to see the dentist for follow up, but as long as you switch to the new trays at the right time, you will see positive results.

Removable for Eating and Hygiene Care

Standard metal braces cannot be removed by anyone other than the dentist. You have to try and provide proper oral care for your teeth while they are in place. It makes eating certain foods obsolete until the teeth straightening process is complete. Invisalign is different in that they can be removed to eat, drink and complete your oral hygiene routine. It is a way to take control of the dental process and make braces easier to live with.

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