Dietary pills: ways they help in weight loss

The younger generation obsessed in weight loss mission had created a huge business buzz internationally. The market expanded from international biochemical medicines to local gyms to our well known old traditional methods. Here we talk little more about weight loss pills. This will look like more effective in no time. But it should be used under medical supervision. These pills are prescribed only when BMI crosses 30 or have any weight related problems.

Burning already existing fat and not to accumulate new fat are the 2 mechanisms for losing weight. The pills tend to work on these mechanisms. We just throw light on top weight loss pills often combined with other steroids fit in these mechanisms and their side effects.

  1. Burning fat:

This is achieved in 2 ways using natural extracts or by medicinal pills.

  1. Caffeine :

Caffeine is largely taken as a mood booster by many in the world. As it increases the metabolism and also fat burning, it is effective way to weight loss. In some people who are allergic to caffeine, it causes anxiety, nausea and irritability. Though it is an addictive element, consuming in less quantity makes no harm.

Green coffee bean extract is also one of the good sources of caffeine with a powerful antioxidant combined. Though it has other health benefits to reduce blood sugar content and high blood pressure, allergy to caffeine causes nausea, anxiety and insomnia. Another weight loss pill hydroxycut claims to include caffeine and some plant extracts; there is not much study on side effects of this as of now.

  1. Green tea extract: this extract is popularly used in all/many weight loss supplements. This has a reason backed by research on this component proved it as good antioxidant and best fat burning aid. It is “The healthiest beverage” existing. It is most effective in burning belly fat. Studies show that it improves physical performance by mobilising fatty acids from fat tissues under the skin and generates energy in body.

There are no any negative side effects but have umpteen number of positive effects. Consuming it reduces risk of heart diseases, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer. It improves overall health, brain function making the individual smarter and even dental health.

There is no need to take caffeine or green tea supplements instead have a quality coffee or green tea for not only weight loss but also other health benefits

  1. Meratrim : It is a combination of natural herb extract which effectively works on burning fat. According to one study, Meratrim work effectively over dummy pills in only 8 weeks by reducing up to almost 5kg and the waist line up to 5 inches. Though it is an industry sponsored study, it claims to have health improvements like reducing total cholesterol and fasting glucose. The same study also claims no any negative side effects or adverse reactions to it. But user needs to beware of quantity of intake and cheaper replicates to reap its 100% benefits.
  2. Forskolin : Forskolin is a traditional herbal medicine found in roots of a plant related to mint. According to study forskolin will release fat from stored fat cells without effecting the muscle mass. There is a limited evidence that it lessens asthma & increase bone density . It does not have any negative side effects.