Restorative Dentistry for a Perfect Smile

Cosmetic and restorative dentistry tend to overlap before shooting off in completely different directions. Whereas cosmetic dentistry focuses on the artistic, aesthetic side of smile recreation, restorative procedures correct the root issue to create permanent art that brings out the smile you deserve. Restorative procedures are usually financially comparable to cosmetic options and yet many are covered by insurance. If preserving your natural teeth is important to you, a restorative dentist can help recover your smile and confidence with the following restorative options. 

Tooth Whitening

Daily life decisions can lead to stained or discolored enamel. Curry and balsamic vinegar, specific super foods, beverages, and even vices such as smoking or social drinking can cause your sparkling smile to sizzle out. As one of the most popular and affordable smile improvement solutions, tooth whitening is often considered a cosmetic procedure. But for serious stains and coloration corrections, it’s also a restorative dentistry procedure. However, unlike other serious repair options, professional whitening is easily completed in a single visit that can even be scheduled during your lunch hour.

Crowns and Bridges

Some personal imperfections add character, but specific dental imperfections can cause extra problems if ignored or left untreated. Even unsightly chips or cracks in tooth enamel can spread and expose nerve endings or lead to significant breakage. Crowns and bridges, however, can stop the offense and correct the damage before pain or irritation starts. A porcelain cap or crown simply replaces the top of the original tooth. Missing teeth, on the other hand, are easily filled and repaired with bridges anchored to two or more crowns. The result is a functional and visually appealing solution for avoiding further complications of missing or damaged teeth.  

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are the not-so-secret solution to many red carpet-ready Hollywood smiles. Yet, they can help anyone get ready for their closeup. These wafer-thin porcelain shells are crafted and color-matched to fit right over existing teeth and blend in with the rest of your chompers to help you look like you were born with a perfect smile. Veneers can be a quick solution for anyone with deep stains, gaps, bite issues, or other serious dental issues that have the option of being resurfaced. 

Dental Implants

Almost 180 million Americans suffer from edentulism (tooth loss) and over 35 million Americans have no teeth at all. While 90% of those with edentulism have dentures, dental implants often provide a better option for those who want a permanent solution. An implant involves a man-made root/titanium abutment and a prosthetic tooth that is shaped and color-matched to blend in with your existing teeth. Due to the invasive procedure, healthy bone density is required.


Many adults wait until they have steady incomes to correct their dental issues, yet several public-related occupations require a picture-perfect appearance for advancement. It’s a catch 22, especially since most adults try to avoid relying on traditional metal braces to correct orthodontic issues. Fortunately, Invisalign replaces the worry with a workable solution for treating and correcting bite issues, gaps, and various types of malocclusion. Invisalign clear aligners fit right over your teeth and allow you to live your life while maintaining a mature and professional appearance. There’s no need to hide anymore. Call your Family and Cosmetic Dental Care dentist today to see what can be done to finally get the perfect smile you deserve.