Is Affordable Laser Hair Removal Still Effective?

Laser hair removal prices tend to vary quite significantly between clinics. What exactly do more expensive clinics offer that you aren’t getting from affordable laser hair removal? Is there really that much difference? H2: The Process Affordable laser hair removal doesn’t differ much from more expensive options in terms of the actual procedure being done. […]


How To Recover After Traumatic Events

When a traumatic event happens, there is an emotional tall that will cause confusing, frightening and intense emotions. Unfortunately, the emotions will not be limited just to those that experience events. It is actually possible to be traumatized by all the horrific images we see on TV from violent crimes, natural disasters and the increasing […]

energy booster

Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy

I’d say its half full … Unlike my energy levels (Photo credit: servantofchaos) Many people have a hard time keeping up in today’s fast paced world. They often take Red Bull, SK Energy and other energy boosters to get through the day. Unfortunately, these energy drinks can carry a number of dangerous side effects if […]

Zika Virus Prevention

All You Need to Know About Zika Prevention and Protection

The Zika virus has become a major headline in the news recently, and you’ve probably heard about its serious effects in countries all around the world. Unfortunately, the virus has slowly made its way into the United States through the state of Florida, so being aware of the potential problem and knowing how to eradicate […]


Fighting The Heroin Addiction

Heroin has reached a point to where it’s considered one of the most addictive drugs among various classes of people and of across all ages. It is classified as a Schedule I substance, one of the highest on the ladder of drugs that have the potential to be abused and that will impact the mind […]