How does oral Anavar impact on the system?

Oxandrolone is the chemical name of Anavar, a popular anabolic mild androgenic drug. In 1960s Searle Laboratories developed the steroid to develop and regrow the muscles in patients who lost due to diseases such as HIV/AIDS, burning victims, chronic infection etc. Due to some official issues, the laboratory stopped producing Anavar. That was a fine chance to its competitors and started to produce the oral methylated steroid Anavar. Bodybuilders, athletes experienced increased strength, dissolved body fat and hardened physique. The drug has been still successful among the professionals. Since it is fairly popular, there are lots of chances for the availability of counterfeit products in the market.

Oral Anavar benefits:

This DHT anabolic drug starts to work the moment it is consumed. A vast amount of lean muscle mass cannot be expected with the drug. However, it will definitely produce a solid muscle mass, help with muscle repair. The greatest benefit conjugated with oral Anavar is an increased metabolic activity and muscle preservation. The half life of Oxandrolone is about nine hours. So, men who are trying out with the drug have to adopt high doses. Anavar helps to shed excessive fat while on a calorie restricted diet, but never pulls down the lean muscle mass.

Oral Anavar doses:

As Anavar is being a mild steroid, men need to use a large amount to receive noticeable benefits. 50mg per day is the commonly recommended dose and if they expect positive and noticeable results, 80mg per day can be considered. In contra, women are quite sensitive to anabolic drugs, even at low doses. So, 10-20 mg per day is quite sufficient for women bodybuilders, athletes. Such low doses will never affect their feminity. When the dose is increased they may suffer from virilization effects. Anavar is the only AAS which can be successfully used for longer cycle than others. However, Anavar, the cycle of oral only steroids is advised for 6-8 weeks. When men think about Anavar cost, it will bite their pockets. 10mg oral Anavar costs two dollars, so seventy dollars should be spent for a week. It’s quite high!!!!

Anavar pills are more effective than the injectable form. Despite it passes through the liver, it acts gently on the liver. The Liver does not breakdown Anavar whereas at higher doses the drug increases liver enzymes. Anavar is not converted into estrogen, which means there will not be any virilization effects of the drug. So, users may not experience high blood pressure, bloating, Gynecomastia. But the same effects would be possible at higher doses of oral Anavar. Muscle cramps, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, restlessness are the common side effects of Var.

Post cycle therapy:

Since Anavar is uncommon among men and it does not produce estrogen related down side effects, most of the bodybuilders believe that PCT is not necessary after the cycle of oral only steroids. It is advised to take a PCT course after the higher doses of Var. Generally HCG, Clomid are handled in Anavar post cycle therapy. Women do not need to go for PCT as they already take the least doses.