Obtaining needed medications at affordable prices

The cost of prescription medication, on a worldwide scale, has been skyrocketing for years now. The reasons for this are numerous, varied, and often too complex for the average citizen to adequated understand. No matter the reason, that’s the unfortunate fact that so many patients suffer with. Many patients are delayed in receiving their needed medications for long periods as they struggle to come up with ways and means to finance this extraordinary, ongoing expense. Some find themselves ultimately going without, which never works out well.

Some doctors and healthcare providers are doing as much as they can to assist patients in being able to afford their medications, one of which is prescribing generic brands in place of the much more expensive name brands, among other measures. But, by nature of rules and regulations, their hands are tied in being able to offer much more. It’s in the patient’s best interest to take a proactive approach themselves to finding their best means of obtaining needed medication at affordable prices out in the marketplace. Fortunately, there are companies that can provide affordable medication, and with some thoughtful insight and research, patients can find these companies.

One very cost-effective means that Canadian residents should look into is to find Canadian drug stores and pharmacies that are leading International Prescription Services (IPS) companies. IPS works throughout the world, contracting with international dispensaries, able to provide customers with premium-quality brand name and generic drugs without border restrictions. All ordered prescription drugs are approved and regulated by the governments where the medications originate.

For further validation of legality and safety in the practice, residents should verify that the company is a member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), which is a leading verification service for international prescription services. When they make pharmaceutical company approvals of national and international entities, this provides the assurance customers need to know that online pharmacies are fully licensed, run by certified and responsible pharmacists and dispensaries.

When locating a reputable company that fills this criterion, some further research of the company can be beneficial. Customers with prescriptions that haven’t yet ordered their prescriptions online are strongly encouraged to do so. The process is easy, safe, hassle-free, and can be done within minutes of getting on the company’s website.

The first step in this process is to go online to the company’s website and search for the prescription drug in their online pharmacy. Based on what’s written on the doctor’s prescription, the patient then selects the dosage and quantity of that given medication. When completing this medication, they can put it in their “basket”. Once all medications are inputted and put into the basket, the customer can go to “checkout” and complete the order.

Quite obviously, reputable companies will need to have valid, current prescriptions provided by licensed physicians. Companies that can make this process of prescription submission more expedient for customers will provide options for submitting prescriptions, options most comfortable or convenient for the customer.

Customers can send in by mail their prescriptions, which will, of course, take just a bit more time to process. They can also fax in their prescription to the company. And perhaps the easiest way is for the company to obtain the prescriptions directly from the patient’s physicians office, which should come at no additional cost to the customer.

Going month-by-month refilling prescriptions is time-consuming, inconvenient, and sometimes can be overlooked. Customers should look for a company that can dispense up to a 3-month supply as required by law. When the time for a refill approaches, the company should notify the customer of a refill need, helping to eliminate forgetting to make the required medication re-order.

Once the company receives the order and the prescriptions from the customer’s physician, processing and shipping from the company should be quick from that point, within 1-3 days. This will help ensure the customer receives their order approximately 7-10 days after shipment.

Online ordering of medication can save customers up to 90% in prescription costs they’ve been paying. It’s extremely cost effective, safe, and easy, and can substantially help those in need of finding means to be able to afford their much-needed medicine.