5 Signs that You Are Not Looking After Your Skin Right

Taking care of our skin is no easy task and it gets even tougher as we age. Nothing less than a combination of excellent diet, lifestyle, and attentive topical care can keep us looking bright and healthy as the teen years pass and we slowly head towards the deeper end of adulthood. However, sticking to the same routine for years may not always be the best approach as the needs of our skin do change with time. On that note, here are five signs that should tell you that whatever skin care routine has worked for you before, it may not be working as well anymore.

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Sun Spots

Human skin needs a bit of sunlight, but too much of it can cause some serious health problems. Stand in front of the mirror and check if you can see uneven skin tones on your face or other exposed parts of your body. If you can, then you have sun spots and it’s bad news. Apart from making you look bad and escalating the natural aging process, this can also lead to skin cancer. Invest in some quality sunscreen and make it a point to never forget about using it whenever there’s a chance that you will be exposed to the sun for a long time.


Wrinkles will come eventually to all of us, but if you begin to see far too many of them far too early, rest assured that you are doing something wrong. Overexposure to the sun, smoking, insufficient water intake, etc., can all lead to premature wrinkles. They are a sign that you are losing collagen, which is essential for healthy, supple skin.

Dark Circles

Unless it’s hereditary, those dark circles are likely the result of physical or even emotional stress. Then there is the question of insufficient sleep, which can also be responsible for wrinkles. The bottom line is your lifestyle isn’t really working for you if you have dark circles beneath your eyes.

Dry and Flaky Skin

This one is a classic sign of unhealthy skin and more often than not, it happens due to some form of dehydration. Keep in mind that it’s only normal to feel dry and flaky when the temperature is very cold or very hot and you can take care of that by applying moisturizers, but if it’s something that happens all the time, you have a problem! Common causes include the following.

  • Strong soaps that are not meant for your face
  • Use of water that’s way too hot
  • A skincare product that isn’t suiting your skin
  • Shaving without moisturizing first

Lifeless/Dull Skin

There are some people out there who shine and glow even after leading a pretty ordinary and carefree life, but most of us are not that lucky. Nevertheless, your skin should not appear dull and lifeless at any point. Exfoliate and moisturize daily (an Elemis review of their moisturizers looks very positive) to transform dull skin to glowing skin in as little as two weeks to a month.

If you can relate yourself to any of the signs mentioned here, it might be a good idea to take a look at this list of top rated skin care products and bump your skincare routine up a notch.

Remember, diet is of utmost importance because truly healthy skin can only be achieved when topical care is matched by a healthy diet, rich in the essential nutrients.