6 Niggles and Health Issues You Have Not Ignore At All

Some seemingly trivial symptoms and niggles on your body could be a warning sign that something really serious happens to you. However, many of us ignore those signs and postpone going to doctor as much as possible. But the “little” niggles may sometimes be a symptom of something big that can seriously damage your health.


Here are 6 health issues and symptoms you should not ignore at all.

1. Postmenopausal bleeding

Don’t be embarrassed to visit your doctor if you are experiencing bleeding after the menopause. Any sort of postmenopausal bleeding, even the small spotting, can cause severe health implications. In most cases, postmenopausal bleeding is caused by tears or an infection in the vaginal wall. At worst, bleeding after the menopause comes from the womb or uterine cancer.

2. Sudden weight loss

Have you lost a few pounds unexpectedly in a short time period? If you didn’t practice vigorous exercises or had a strict diet, that is a warning rather than welcome surprise. Unexpected weight loss is actually a warning sign of your body that something is wrong. While changing your eating pattern and being more active can explain sudden weight loss, you should first rule out some serious chronic diseases like hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid gland) and coeliac disease.

3. Discomfort in the jaw

It is highly likely that discomfort in your jaw comes from a dental infection or tonsillitis. Likewise, it may indicate to TMJ syndrome which typically begins in the lower and/or upper jaw and gradually radiates outward. This dental disorder often involves discomfort and pain in the neck and head, according to TMJ dentist. But you should check it out just in case, as jaw pains can also indicate to a heart disease or angina.

4. Tiredness

The alarm bells can ring if you feel constantly exhausted and fatigued. The tiredness frequently occurs due to the iron deficiency. In that case, you should eat more red meat, beans, and pulses. But fatigue can also be induced by the certain lung or heart problems since the muscles and organs are not receiving enough oxygen. Tiredness can likewise come from other causes such as low levels of vitamin D, anemia, and thyroid problems.

5. Bloated stomach

For the majority of people under 40, the bloated stomach mostly occurs due to a poor diet, irritable bowel syndrome, or anxiety. The most common culprits include indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, and anxiety. But in women, the reason for enlarged tummy could be a serious health condition like breast cancer or ovarian cancer. So, don’t ignore stomach swelling, especially if someone in your family had ovarian cancer.

6. Changes of the nails

Keep in mind that your nails can tell you much about your health. The changes of the nails can point to inherited conditions, diet, and certain illnesses. For example, they can get discolored in case of anemia, while the club-shaped nails may indicate to some lung problems. Skin diseases sometimes trigger pitting of nails; blood infection can create the small blood clot under the nail; brown or black marks on the nails could suggest skin cancer. Therefore, all these nail changes are worth considering.


Any of above-mentioned symptoms provides a clue to a potentially serious health issue, so you mustn’t ignore them. While you should be alert, it’s not the reason to panic either.