When medicine goes wrong: Counting the Cost of Misdiagnosis

Placing trust in a medical professional should never be something we need to question but when this trust is broken the consequences can be irreparable.

While there should always be adequate safety procedures in place to prevent medication being misdiagnosed, errors in dispensation can, on rare occasions, happen.

Medical Malpractice 

Although such occurrences are rare, they can come about from a wide variety of different ways. From miscommunication between staff or departments, inattentive medical care, or oversights in medicinal allergies or cumulative drug interactions, a misdiagnosis can arise from any number of scenarios.

This could be due to individual or collective negligence, however, it may the result of a wider-reaching problem of malpractice. In such a situation, any lawsuit would need to challenge the institution as a whole rather than specific individuals.

Before you embark with any litigation, you will need to fully understand the problem. This includes not only discovering the person or process liable for any shortcomings but also the reason why any mistakes occurred.

Erroneous Dosage 

It could be that any adverse reactions you suffer are directly caused by the correct drugs but in the wrong amount. This can lead to serious implications for your health including organ damage, permanent impairment or even death. Receiving the wrong dosage can also transpire from one of several different causes. Such as:


  • A doctor prescribing an inaccurate amount
  • A pharmacist supplying the wrong sized medication
  • A nurse administering the wrong dosage


Due to the large amounts of paperwork involved in the medical profession, it can be possible to follow this paper-trail to identify the point at which the mistake was made. Alternatively, seeking medical help from an independent specialist could also help uncover the root cause of any problem.

Unexpected Side-Effects 

As anyone who has seen the packaging for prescription medication will know, there’s always a list of possible side-effects stated clearly. If you begin to experience ailments which are not expected from these warnings, it could be due to either the wrong medicine or defective drugs.

If everything appears to be in order with your prescription relative to what your doctor described to you, there’s a small possibility that the medicine itself is to blame. This would entail making a lawsuit directly against the pharmaceutical company responsible for manufacturing and distributing the medicine, something which is a highly complex process.

Further Help 

Whether it’s a product liability claim for a prescription of inadequate quality or due to insufficient warnings provided regarding risks posed from the medicine, any potential litigation would be likely to take months and require expert help from medical and legal professionals alike.

If you think you have fallen victim to any kind of ill-effects from prescribed medication, seeking further medical help or a second-opinion should always be your first step.

If you are then given any reason to be suspicious of medical malpractice being involved with your predicament, you may want to take legal counsel. A specialist law firm such as Colleran Malpractice Attorneys will offer free consultations which are available to assess your situation and guide you through available options. Moving quickly for legal help is heavily advised, providing both time and clarity in identifying the exact problem and finding a fitting solution.