healthy eating

Principles of a Healthy Life

We all have a common goal – healthy living. Today, over 40% of world’s population is struggling with being overweight. Although we eat different types of foods, there are common principles for a healthy life. These principles apply to everyone regardless of their weight, financial status and health status. If you want to start living a healthy life, here are the principles you need to stick to.


The first principle for healthy living is a balanced diet. Make sure that all your meals are well balanced. A lot of people have been misled that various food types are unhealthy. However, the truth is that any type of food can be unhealthy based on excessive portions. You need a nutritionist or a diet guru to advise you on a balanced diet. A balanced meal should include every type of food group at a specific percentage.

One thing you should note is that there is no general balanced diet for all people. Choose a balanced diet that suits your body needs. When you are losing weight, you need a different balanced diet that meets your weight loss needs.


This principle states that your health depends on what you put into your body. However, most people fail to follow this rule, by eating out. The best way to self-monitor your meals is to have a diet plan. Wondering where you can find a diet plan? You can create or download a meal plan from a diet planner. There are several diet planners you can choose from. When searching online, make sure that you select the best meal planner in the market.

Nutrient timing

When is the right time to take your meals? How many times should you eat a day? This is a principle most people ignore. However, nutrient timing has a great influence on your weight and overall health. People who skip breakfast are four times more likely to be overweight than anyone having a meal in the morning.

This principle states that you should not skip a meal. However, you should know the type of food to eat at a specific time. For example, calories are best taken in the morning. These calories will be used in your body to provide energy during the day. Calories taken at a later time are likely to be stored as fat in your body.

Lastly, ensure consistency in your healthy eating. Healthy living should be a habit. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle needs a lot of commitment. It is therefore important to stick to these simple principles of a healthy life. The best way is to avoid eating out. Make it your habit to prepare and cook your own food.