Nitrogen Glove Box Price, How to Get The Cheapest

Seeing up a laboratory is no easy feat and there is a large amount of highly specialised equipment which you will need. The large majority of labs around the world have the same basic set up and today we’ll take about how you can get the one of the most common products, at the cheapest possible price. A nitrogen glove box is the key piece of apparatus which allows us to analyse a wide range of chemicals and materials, without the risk of contamination. These incubated boxes are vital to the operations in most laboratories and getting the best price is going to be vital. If you want to get a low nitrogen glove box price, here is how to go about finding one.

Direct to Manufacturer

In many cases you can go direct to the manufacturer to buy equipment like a nitrogen glove box. You should note however that the majority of manufacturers will only sell direct to labs if the order is highly specific i.e. customer made goods, or if you are ordering a large quantity of equipment. If you are able to strike a deal with the manufacturer however, you can count on cost prices.


Believe it or not you can find a huge amount of lab equipment on sites such as eBay and very often these will be in great condition, and come with excellent prices. The same eBay rules apply with lab equipment as they do for other items in that you must ensure that you are buying from a trusted and seasoned seller, to ensure that you get the high quality product which you are looking for. With just a quick search you can find a wide range of different sized nitrogen glove boxes, made with different materials depending on what your requirement is.

Searching Second Hand

If you want to find the very best equipment at the lowest prices, the best option is to look for high quality second hand equipment in good condition. In my experience, the best way to do this is to contact educational facilities and research institutes who may have spare or old equipment lying around. There is not an easy way for these types of places to sell or recycle such equipment and often they will sit on things like nitrogen glove boxes which are no longer needed, for a long time. If you can make some cold calls to these types of organisations, you may be able to bag yourself a great deal on a range of lab equipment.

Online Search

After you have tried out the above options, try a simple search online for what you are looking for. Because the world is such a small place these days thanks to the internet, you can find equipment like nitrogen glove boxes online which have come from suppliers all over the world, very often buying through online stores can save you a huge chunk of money.