Signs That Your Vision Might Be Declining

Millions of people live with some type of vision impairment. While a fairly common condition, vision problems can be inconvenient, hazardous, and otherwise harmful. If you notice any changes in the state of your eyes or vision, a routine trip to the optometrist can provide some answers and possible relief.

Blurry or Hazy Vision

Many people were once able to see things clearly but later notice that those same items are blurry or appear fuzzy. When reading, it might be hard to focus on the words that are on the page or screen right in front of you. Driving or identifying items around you might become more difficult.

These instances can be explained by natural occurrences in the eye or more in-depth medical reasons that may or may not be correctable. Common examples of these instances include nearsightedness, farsightedness, and the presence of an astigmatism.

Appearance of Objects (Spots, Wavy Lines)

The appearance of objects in your line of sight can look many different ways. You might see dark spots, wavy lines, or flashes of light and it can occur randomly, periodically, or permanently. The reasons behind these symptoms can range from retinal detachment or cataracts to macular degeneration.

Headache or Painful Eyes

While headaches can occur for a large number of reasons, it might be connected to your vision if you experience other related symptoms. You might also experience pain or an achy feeling in your eyes, which usually indicates some type of problem. If rest or taking a break from the presumed activity that is causing it (reading, using a computer screen, etc.) does not relieve some of those feelings, it could mean a deeper issue.

Oftentimes, the act of straining your eyes because of an untreated impairment can be relieved by using corrective measures such as glasses or contact lenses. Otherwise, aches or pain in the eyes can be a warning sign for inflammation or physical damage, a need for change in your current prescription, cataracts, or glaucoma.

Any kind of problem with your vision can leave you feeling scared, in pain, or worried. The symptoms that come along with any number of the reasons behind an impairment can result in further personal injury as they affect your ability to move around safely. If you are concerned about your eye health, a short eye exam can be performed by a licensed physician, such as the optometrists in Edmonton, Alberta. Delaying this can potentially cause further eye or other personal damage.