Custom-made Prosthesis FAQ

Custom-made prosthesis are replacements for missing limbs or part of missing limbs that are geared to help individuals regain their independence after amputation. Here are some common questions asked when it comes to prosthetics and the way in which prosthetic professionals achieve the unimaginable.

What is a custom-made prosthesis?

A custom-made prosthesis is an artificial limb specially made to replace missing or correct malformed parts of the body.

What is the main objective of fitting prosthesis?

The goal for fitting prosthesis is to return as much function and independence to the patient as possible.

Who is eligible for a custom-made prosthesis?

Any amputee is eligible for prosthesis as it can improve the lives of most, if not all, amputees. They can also be fit on mal- or deformed limbs.

How soon after amputation can you be fit with a custom-made prosthesis?

This varies from patient to patient, but once the site of amputation or residual limb has healed you will be ready for a prosthetics fitting. With no post-op complications it can be as soon as two to three weeks after the initial surgery.

How do I clean my prosthesis?

A few rules that apply to the cleaning of prosthesis are that you should always be gentle, inspect it for any inconsistencies during the wash and use the right cleaning supplies. If you use the cleaning materials recommended by your prosthetic professional andlet it dry properly over night while you sleep your prosthesis will be well maintained.

How long does a custom prosthesis last?

They tend to last for up to two to four years and will eventually need to be replaced due to normal wear and tear. Children with prosthetics will need to be refit as they grow to ensure the right measurements still apply.

What is Phantom Sensation?

This is when amputees still feel a sensation, sometimes pain, in the limb that is no longer part of their body.

Can you continue your sporty/active lifestyle with a prosthesis?

You can resume your sporting activities once your final fitting is done. Just be sure to report any discomfort to your prosthetics professional.

Getting a custom-made prosthesis is a big step in recovering your independence. At Meintjes &Neetling we strive to provide you with your lifetime solution. Feel free to contact us for more information.