Top Apps to Enhance Your Fitbit Experience

There are several big name manufacturers in the fitness tracking industry (Garmin, Under Armour, Nokia, Misfit, etc.); however, none are as popular as Fitbit. Part of this is because of the numerous types of fitness tracking devices that Fitbit provides—they currently have eight that they currently sell and another handful of older models that are still made available by third party vendors.

Going a step further, and the Fitbit app provides an easy to use Dashboard filled with useful health/fitness information. It’s why it’s so popular—that and its compatibility with numerous apps that can be effortlessly synced together.

If you are looking to improve your health and either have or are getting a Fitbit, also consider getting these top apps to enhance your overall Fitbit experience.


MapMyWalk is an app by Under Armour that does exactly as it sounds—tracks and makes a map of your walking route. So before you set off on your next walk, simply press the “start” button and your walk, along with your time, pace, distance, elevation and calorie burn will be recorded. It’ll notify you of every mile you go and provide feedback as well (such as how much to pick up the pace). When you press, “stop” at the end of your walk, your finished route is displayed.

On the app, there is an area where you can also view the nearby routes of others and their distances. This lets you discover new paths you can go. With MapMyWalk, there is a social aspect as well—letting you share your favorite routes with other app users in the local area (there’s a total of over 40 million app members).


Strava is a workout app that encourages friendly competition. Though it does record things that other fitness apps do (such as calories burnt, distance, pace time, etc.), it’s unique in that it provides the running performance stats of athletes both in the local community and worldwide. So you can monitor how much they are training, how far they are going, as well as how fast they are finishing their runs.

Strava encourages you to go out and do more when you see how others are performing. Though there is always room to grow as a runner, you have to be sure that your home is safe while you are out training and competing. That means investing in a home security system in Austin, TX, or whatever city you happen to live in. The more you can focus on the path in front of you, without any outside distractions, the better you’ll perform.

Lose It!

Though Lose It! is a weight loss app, it does so much more. More than just counting calories, you can log your food intake, sleep, exercise as well as your BMI. When you make an account, it’ll ask you for your gender, height and weight and allow you to set a goal. With a “challenge” mode, you can compete with other people to see who can lose the most (while being healthy about it).

When tracking food, you can: 1) find a large assortment of foods in the Lose It! database (has over 7 million foods, brands and restaurant items), 2) have the option to scan food package barcodes and 3) take an actual picture of your food. It’ll count the calories and let you know how much more you have to spare (or how many calories you’ve gone over).