Abuse Recovery

A Look at the Importance of Detoxification During Substance Abuse Recovery

You have made a very big decision in life and that is to recover from addiction. Whether alcohol was your substance of choice or some addictive drug, your life spiraled out of control, you hit bottom, and in order to pick yourself back up, you faced the challenge of recovery. No one knows better than an addict just how difficult those challenges are, but you are ready to meet them head-on.

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While going through a 12 Step program is of vital importance and the very backbone of your recovery, some say there is a 13th step to recovery which has only come to light thanks to advances in medical science. That step would be detoxification. It is a very important focus for rehab centers, such as you’ll find in South Florida at www.beachway.com.

Detox Isn’t New So Why Is Modern Medicine Getting All the Credit?

For years, addicts knew about the detox period in the early days of recovery. However, the focus was always on ‘getting clean and sober.’ With your mind clear of the fog that comes along with substance abuse, you are ready to begin working your program. Or, are you?

What modern medical science has shown us is that your brain isn’t the only thing that needs a good dose of spring cleaning. So, too, does every molecule in your body. Over time, toxins have built up and it has only been in recent decades that scientists have been able to identify many of these toxins within a lab setting under powerful microscopes.

The identification of toxins on a molecular level is why medical science gets some of the credit!

The Path to Ridding the Body of Those Nasty Toxins

One of the first things you can do is to drink water and plenty of it! Natural spring water is best if you can get it because it is devoid of chemical purifiers, but even tap water will do. The idea is to flush all the bad stuff out so the nutrients you ingest can find their way to the cells in need of restoration. Also, most drugs, as well as alcohol, are extremely dehydrating. Water will help bring life back to those cells through a process (you know what’s coming!) called hydration.

Next, you want to rid the body of all those free radicals floating around in our bloodstream, along with those which have built up over time. Some attach to muscles while others attach to tissue and that’s why addicts often appear to age at faster rates than ‘normal.’ You can find detoxifying antioxidants in foods such as chia seeds, leafy green veggies, berries of all kinds, yogurt, and wild caught fish. Avocados, fish, and almonds are great sources of Omega-3 fatty acids, also known to be amazingly effective antioxidants.

One Step at a Time Makes the Road Ahead Easier to Travel

Your counselor and the staff at your recovery center can help you work your steps and counsel you on how to live a life-long journey through recovery, but even they need help. Unless you cleanse your body of those toxins, the journey ahead is much more difficult to travel. As they say, “Out with the old and in with the new,” one step at a time.