Common Reasons Why You Might Not Be Losing Weight

When you first start your weight loss plan, you will most likely be incredibly pleased with how quickly you lose weight. However, once you have lost a small percentage of your body weight, you may notice that the rest of your unwanted pounds cling to your body despite your best attempts to diet or exercise them away. Here are four problems that could be to blame for your inability to lose weight initially or after losing a small percentage of weight.

First, you may eat for emotional reasons rather than for hunger. Many people eat mindlessly when they are bored, watching television or doing something that they do not enjoy. Others eat when they are stressed, angry, lonely or sad. Instead of using food to solve your problems, find a different way to deal with your emotions, such as by journaling, taking time for a quick exercise break or talking to a counselor.

Second, you may constantly feel hungry and feel that it is impossible for you to cut calories without feeling horribly deprived. This often happens during a weight loss cycle as the hormones in your body change and adjust. Your hormone that causes you to feel hungry may be off, and you may be able to benefit from buying appetite suppressant capsules online from ThinCo. These supplements can help you feel full and help you deal with unwanted food cravings.

Third, you might find it difficult to exercise. Perhaps you are bored with exercise, have not found an exercise program that you like or simply cannot seem to fit it into your daily routine. Consider mixing up your exercise routines until you find something that you like, such as barre or Pilates. Also, be sure to add in strength training to your cardio workouts. Many people find that they prefer this type of exercise, and it helps increase metabolism.

Fourth, your lifestyle could be to blame. If you are constantly on the go, you may be stressed or not getting enough sleep, both of which can cause you to hold onto your pounds. Be sure to take time to relax during the day or on the weekends, and always get at least seven hours of sleep each night.

Remember that there could be a myriad of other reasons why you are unable to lose weight. If you cannot figure out the reason for your stubborn weight for yourself, turn to your physician or to a certified nutritionist or personal trainer who may be able to point out issues in your health, diet or exercise regimen that could be holding you back from success.