A Closer Look at MRI Scans and Important Details About Them

An MRI scan is a test which produces detailed images of the organs and parts inside your body. The technology employs the use of super-powerful magnets and radio waves in creating images. Therefore, medical conditions are diagnosed and monitored. MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

This device can be used to look at almost any part of the body. The images revealed could show if the patient is healthy or unhealthy. It also detects problematic areas in the body. For instance, if there are tumours growing or injuries like broken bones, they become a lot clearer in the MRI. Even soft tissues like liver, brain and heart could be scanned using MRI. Medical issues in these areas are easily diagnosed.

In some cases, a dye is used for the scan. This is called a contrast medium. This depends on the area that needs to be scanned. This dye is injected into the body to produce more detailed images. You must inform your radiographer though if you have allergies to these dyes before they are used as they could be dangerous.

More than x-ray

The good thing about an MRI is that it has the capacity of revealing details that can’t be seen when you simply use an X-ray. Even ultrasound could not detect certain conditions that are shown in an MRI. Also, radiation is not used in an MRI scan which is a good thing.


Not for everyone

Although there are a lot of benefits in using this powerful technique, it is not meant for everyone. There are individuals who are not supposed to get an MRI. For instance, those who have had previous surgeries leaving metal in the body should not get this scan as MRI uses magnets and it could affect the implant. This includes pacemakers, hearing aids and aneurysm clips.

Pregnant women are also not supposed to get an MRI. It is true for those who are in their first trimester as they could be very sensitive. The baby might also be affected by the magnetic field used during the scan.

Most of all, if you are claustrophobic, you should reconsider getting a scan. You will be inserted in a tunnel-like device. An open MRI scanner is available but it is way more expensive. Not all hospitals have one though. You can check out a private MRI in London if you need one and determine if it is the right choice for you.

The important thing to remember though is that when you are sick or you feel like you are, consult your doctor. If an MRI scan is recommended, you should do it and not have second thoughts unless you are not allowed to have it. Early detection can prevent the problem from getting worse.