Three Ways to Detox the Body

Detoxifying the body may sound like the latest trend in diet and fitness but humans have been using detox to realign their bodies and make them healthier. Sometimes we use detox programs repeatedly to reset the body after a run of unhealthy habits. The various ways we detox the body also depend on what it is we are trying to remove from the body.

Cleansing from Drugs & Alcohol

The most well-known form of detox is from drugs and alcohol. Recovery centers, such as Reflections Recovery Center, provide a safe environment for the patient with medical staff on hand to assist the patient. Long-term use of alcohol and some types of drug use result in patients experiencing intense pain and unpleasant stomach issues.

Detoxing at home isn’t usually recommended because of the unpleasant nature of this type of detox and the temptations to relapse that may arise. When the patient is supported through the detox phase, their bodies will begin to heal itself and they will start to feel so much better. It will also motivate them to continue to take care of their bodies and function at their best.

The Sugar Detox

A majority of food on grocery store shelves has sugar added to it. This means that many Americans are consuming more sugar than we should and yet we don’t know it because we don’t read the labels. Enriched flours, fructose, and sucrose are snuck in all over the place and adding unnecessary weight to our bodies. The Sugar Detox is an excellent method for taking note of what you are eating and what is in it.

For 30 days, you are not permitted to eat anything that has added sugar. Want an apple from the produce section? That’s okay, it’s a natural form of sugar and nothing has been added. Want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on white bread? Nope! This detox takes you back to eating the way our bodies were meant to eat and process food. Not only do people lose weight by adopting the sugar detox, they feel tons better. They have more energy, eat less, and sleep much better during the detox phase. So much so, that many people don’t go back to eating processed foods like they were before.

The Juice Cleanse

Juicing has been a very popular way to cleanse the body and has been around for centuries. It was most popularized in the last decade by the production of special juices concocted to help your body rid itself of toxins and reset the liver and kidneys. The reality is, you can find plenty of recipes online to help you kickstart weight loss and reset the body. While you will hear many people talk about doing a juice cleanse for 21 days, most everyone should start with short bursts of juice cleansings.

A juice cleanse on one out of the first 7 days of the month is a good way to get started. Each week you can increase it by a day until your body is prepared to do a 21-day cleanse. Why start slow? It helps you get to know your body and you can learn what is working best for you. The point is not to starve, you should feel satiated by the juice, and you should be able to function like you normally would.

There are many things we partake in on a daily basis that aren’t the best for us. It may be beneficial to cleanse or detox your system, either as a way to balance your body or as a way to rid yourself of bad habits.