Increase Your Health in the Workplace

No Shortcuts to Health Why do we work desk jobs? Well, sometimes we’ve got something that is integral to our interests as creating agents. Writers and poets love to write, musicians using modern technology love to compose with the instrument of the computer. Sometimes writing journalistically can help maintain another pursuit that is equally worthwhile; […]

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The fitness freak’s latest mantra: Proform 14.0 CE Elliptical- $1200

The strong desire to stay in shape and the inability to squeeze out time for attending gym classes on a regular basis have contributed to a steep rise in the sales figures of personal fitness equipment. Among other exercising machines, the availability of elliptical trainers have seems to have brought a whole new revolution into […]

The very healthy water exercise for seniors

Water exercises are beneficial because they allow for greater exercise almost all the muscle groups without making a great effort, so they are suitable even for people with disabilities. Perform water exercise is very beneficial for seniors because it allows exercise almost all the muscle groups without straining the body, and that being immersed in […]

Five basic rules for running safe and uninjured

If your sport career is always good to have in mind some basic rules for running safely. Every sport badly implemented may be more harm than good, so you have to take care of certain basics that will allow us to prevent injuries and make the most of the activity. The first thing to keep […]

Taichi, energy balance

Tai chi is a martial art originating therapeutic applications of the Chinese empire, and whose practice is related to the achievement of greater physical and mental balance. Do you dare to try? The Tai Chi Ch’uan, better known as Tai Chi is a martial art with therapeutic applications originating in the Chinese empire, and whose […]

Running and have good muscle mass, it is possible

I’m passionate about and I enjoy running with weights. Can I gain muscle and keep running at a high level? Or do I have a decanter me? I am convinced that many of you do the same questions. After several years, I keep hearing and reading many blogs that is not compatible to both sports […]

Who can practice Bosu?

One of the most complete training that currently exist is the Bosu, a hemisphere latex which boost your balance, increase your strength and endurance and improve your posture. The Bosu is part of the so-called functional training, it ie it is a form of exercise that, besides improving our physical condition, has direct application in […]