Patient Experience

Improving the Patient Experience: 4 Ways to Do it

Although customer satisfaction is a priority for most businesses, healthcare is more than just a business and that’s why it is even more essential to make sure that patients are comfortable and have a positive experience. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen, in spite of the intent being there. On that note, we will now take […]


Restorative Dentistry for a Perfect Smile

Cosmetic and restorative dentistry tend to overlap before shooting off in completely different directions. Whereas cosmetic dentistry focuses on the artistic, aesthetic side of smile recreation, restorative procedures correct the root issue to create permanent art that brings out the smile you deserve. Restorative procedures are usually financially comparable to cosmetic options and yet many […]


Chiropractic Controversies That Hurt The Profession

Personal opinions about chiropractic health range from “this does not work” to “the chiropractor saved my life”. More people think that chiropractic care does not work though and that is mainly because of the long history of ethical and scientific controversies surrounding this profession. Chiropractic work is basically seen as contentious by many because: Marketing […]


Manual Techniques Designed to Help Treat the Entire Body

When a person is dealing with pain, fatigue, and other sources of chronic illness, the majority of their thoughts revolve around their ability to eliminate that pain and to get their life back. To this end people will try different types of treatments ranging from traditional Western medicine to Oriental medicine to homeopathic medicine. An […]