drug addiction recovery

Beginning of a lifelong process

Detox and rehabilitation are just two parts of the recovery process when someone has an addiction. In particular, going to an alcohol rehab Sacramento is valid and important to ending substance abuse, but it is only the beginning of a lifelong process. Millions of people struggle to overcome alcohol addiction every year. Staying sober takes […]


Put Drug Addiction In The Past And Embrace A Healthy Future With These Strategies

Drug addiction is one of the most difficult diseases that an individual might grapple with. However, people who are serious about leaving the world of substance abuse and all of the problems it entails in the past can do so. The important thing to remember when recovering from drug addiction is that having a plan […]


The Fight or Flight Response: Effective Ways to Recognize and Repel Intense Stress and Anxiety

Have you ever suffered a panic attack? If not, you’re lucky, because at least 1 in 10 people experience panic attacks. In fact, anxiety disorders strongly relating to panic attacks are now considered the most common mental illness in the United States. Panic attacks are often triggered by a particularly stressful, anxiety-inducing event and are […]

drug addiction recovery

What Should I Do To Overcome Drug Addiction?

As many recovering addicts know, drug addiction can hamper your ability to lead a healthy, happy life. In addition to increasing the likelihood that you will experience trouble with the law, substance abuse can isolate you from your loved ones. Some other negative consequences of drug addiction include compromised immunity and low quality performance in […]


Altering Your Reality: Life After Substance-Abuse Treatment

Suffering from substance abuse is a struggle that millions of people deal with each day. From prescription drugs to cocaine, dependence comes in all shapes and sizes. You might enter detoxification and inpatient treatment so that you can emerge victorious against the substance. However, the struggle continues for the rest of your days without some […]