Any Length For Sobriety

When you read an about us section on a well-respected recovery website, you get to experience exactly what the treatment center’s mission is all about. These sections are enormously helpful for addicts and their families who are trying to make a decision about where to seek inpatient treatment. Not everyone will opt for inpatient treatment, […]


Glaucoma Today: Reasons You Can’t Afford Not to Seek Treatment

Even with all of the medical advancements we witness today, glaucoma is still a very misunderstood disease. People often underestimate just how severe it can be and don’t know who can be affected. Even though it’s one of the leading causes of blindness, there isn’t a cure, but early diagnosis can help to prevent any […]

Recipe figs and cheese tart passion fruit

Bruno Oteiza prepares a cake based pastry, homemade fig jam, cheese with passion fruit and some nuts and fresh figs. Ingredients (4-6): 1 wafer pastry 20 figs 200g mascarpone cheese 1 passion fruit 100 g of walnuts 2 tablespoons sugar Thyme leaves for garnish For the fig jam: 1 kg of figs 250 g sugar […]